Lumen Festival June 25 2016



GREAT WHITE. Culture Lounge Staten Island Arts New York March 3 through June 2016


Great White is an exhibit based on ideas relating to the physical gallery space of Culture Lounge, its proximity to its harbor setting, and the broader community need for exhibition space.
Inspired by the design of collapsible shipping containers and art handling crates, artist Victoria Munro designed and constructed a small, folding, portable gallery, debuting and testing the prototype in Staten Island Arts’ Culture Lounge over the course of 10 weeks. This portable gallery, called Great White, will sit inside the Culture Lounge gallery space and function both as its own gallery and as a model for possible future exhibitions in other locations involving the broader Staten Island and New York arts community.

Great White aims to create a dialogue around contemporary notions of art making and exhibition practice, curatorial roles, the role of gallery and its impact on the creation and viewing of art, and sustainable practices both in art making and shipping industry.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to walk inside and experience the ‘show within a show’. The portable gallery itself when not in use will fold down to a flat rectangle made of lightweight plywood for easy installation and transportation.

During the course of the exhibit there will be four, solo, one-day exhibitions held in the portable gallery to exercise its flexible design and function. The exhibiting artists, Rossana Martinez, Arrow Muller, Lisa Dahl and Holli McEntegart, all maintain practices that engage with notions of the “gallery space.” The artists will have individual opening celebrations for their work/performance/installation/intervention. Great White will culminate with a panel discussion by the participating artists and Victoria Munro to explore contemporary ideas around gallery practices for artists and curators. Organized by Monica Valenzuela.


GREAT WHITE. Culture Lounge Staten Island Arts New York March 3 through June 2016

Julian Dashper and Friends. PS Amsterdam 2016


Steven Aalders, Ralf Brög, Matthew Deleget, Daniel Göttin, Michelle Grabner, Signe Guttormsen, Bjorn Houtman, Carla Klein, W.J.M. Kok, Elodie Lesourd, Rossana Martinez, Gerold Miller, Odette Muijsers, Victoria Munro, Machiel van Soest, DJ Simpson, Tilman, Jan Maarten Voskuil

29 February – 1 May 2016
Opening Monday 29 February 18.00 – 20.00 hrs.

On Monday evening, February 29th from 18:00 to 20:00 is the opening of JULIAN DASHPER & FRIENDS. A group exhibition featuring work by 18 national and international artists who all had a connection with the New Zealand artist. With the opening on his birthday, the exhibition will pay tribute to the friendship and the work of Julian Dashper. Leo Dashper (Julian’s son) will open the exhibition.

Since January 1999 PS organizes exhibitions. Julian Dashper as an artist and as a good friend of founder Jan van der Ploeg, stood at the beginning of PS project space. His vision on art and exhibiting had a significant influence on the principles and development of the exhibition space.
Over the years Julian Dashper exhibited several times at PS: selected works 1993 – 1999 In 1999, I love Amsterdam and Amsterdam loves me in 2000. Introducing Donald Dashper in 2002. One new painting and one new record by Julian Dashper in 2005, 2008 works in 2007 and eventually Untitled (I’m afraid of red, yellow and blue # 4) in 2008.
In 2009, Julian Dashper deceased at the age of 49.
In collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Guido Geelen his work was exhibited in 2013 at the museum and in PS project space in a double exhibition with Donald Judd.
For the upcoming exhibition the starting point is Dashper’s work Untitled (fly-curtain) from 1993. The work featured for the first time in 1994 in a duo exhibition Julian Dashper / Jan van der Ploeg at Stelling Gallery in Leiden. The 18 artists were asked to submit a work based on this work and their relationship with Julian Dashper. This has resulted in a unique and diverse collection of works on the one hand, of course, telling something about the artists themselves, but also about Julian Dashper.

The exhibition will be opened by Leo Dashper (Julian’s son).

For more information please contact Jan van der Ploeg and Cindy Moorman.

PS projectspace
Madurastraat 72
NL- 1094 GR Amsterdam

Julian Dashper and Friends. PS Amsterdam 2016

MINUS SPACE. Fiber Optic

imageNovember 7 – December 19, 2015
MINUS SPACE is delighted to present the group exhibition Fiber Optic, highlighting several generations of artists innovating at the intersection of geometry and fiber. The exhibition will feature works by fifteen artists from across the country, including Anni Albers, Joell Baxter, Samantha Bittman, Chris Bogia, Martha Clippinger, Gabriel Dawe, Michelle Grabner, Lynne Harlow, Linda King Ferguson, Victoria Munro, Gabriel Pionkowski, Carrie Pollack, Sue Ravitz, Stephen Westfall, and Emi Winter.
Over the past decade, there has been a strong resurgence of interest among contemporary artists in traditional forms associated with fiber and textiles. Fiber Optic will feature geometric, patterned, and color-based work across a wide array of media, including weaving, needlepoint, photography, painting, print, sculpture, and installation. As a spiritual and material touchstone for many of the participating artists, the exhibition will begin with a single, patterned gouache on paper study by the late, legendary Bauhaus artist and weaver Anni Albers (1899-1994). The exhibition will continue with artists Gabriel Dawe, Sue Ravitz, and Chris Borgia, who will present stitched, embroidered, and appliqued works comprised primarily of colored string or yarn.
Fiber Optic will also feature a new impastoed painting by Michelle Grabner depicting a gingham fabric pattern; Samantha Bittman’s black and white pattern painting over a handwoven textile; Victoria Munro’s brightly-colored cotton duck weaving using a painting stretcher as a loom; Linda King Ferguson’s lozenge-shaped acrylic painting on cut stretched linen; Gabriel Pionkowski’s deconstructed work with cut, woven, plaited, and painted canvas; Carrie Pollack’s photographs of rugs digitally printed in grayscale onto linen; Lynne Harlow’s repurposed Fender amplifier grill cloth mounted over a wooden stretcher; and Joell Baxter’s large-scale, chromatic window installation consisting of screenprinted, cut, and woven papers. The exhibition will conclude with large wool weavings by Emi Winter, Martha Clippinger, and Stephen Westfall, which were produced in collaboration with traditional master weavers in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.
We are grateful to the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Hionas Gallery, James Cohan Gallery, Lennon Weinberg, Outlet, and The Hole for their generous assistance with this exhibition.
Fiber Optic at MINUS SPACE, 10 Exhibitions Opening This Week, MutualArt, November 3, 2015

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MINUS SPACE. Fiber Optic



This month RAYGUN Projects is in exchange with WEST Space and Modern Art Projects, NSW. RAYGUN presents a group of works on paper by 15 artists, curated by Kyle Jenkins and Tarn McLean. Next month WEST Space presents a group show of works by artists represented and curated by Billy Gruner.

This exhibition investigates the transformative nature of colour and line as a conceptual investigative tool within various artists practices. The title of the exhibition “Colour and Line are not lies” focuses on how simplification is not a form of creative rejection but continues to play a vital role in various artists practices as a multidisciplinary approach in creating varied formal and visual languages. The artists invited to participate in this exhibition use simplified means of production, not to reduce the conditions and complexities of perception but to enhance the visual possibilities that come from such working conditions.

Each artist has been invited to submit a single work on paper as a platform that creates a synthesis between…

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