GOING BUSH….new sculpture project

In the New Zealand English to U.S. English dictionary, ‘going bush’ is translated as “to drop out of society or become reclusive”. The expression is widely used not only when referring to a reclusive period but also to a notion that Kiwis and Aussies hold onto, that they, at any time may be able to drop everything and be successfully self sufficient in the wilds of their native countries. Having grown up in New Zealand, this notion is firmly rooted in Victoria Munro’s perception of her own abilities to ‘go bush’. With no real inclination for, or experience in the art of basic women VS nature survival, this is a mere romantic ideal. Nonetheless, she holds onto this ideal, joining the long list of New Zealand artists to memorialize the intrinsic connection to their native bush.

Victoria Munro - InstallVictoria Munro - split log and kindling installVictoria Munro Tomahawk

GOING BUSH….new sculpture project

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