This month RAYGUN Projects is in exchange with WEST Space and Modern Art Projects, NSW. RAYGUN presents a group of works on paper by 15 artists, curated by Kyle Jenkins and Tarn McLean. Next month WEST Space presents a group show of works by artists represented and curated by Billy Gruner.

This exhibition investigates the transformative nature of colour and line as a conceptual investigative tool within various artists practices. The title of the exhibition “Colour and Line are not lies” focuses on how simplification is not a form of creative rejection but continues to play a vital role in various artists practices as a multidisciplinary approach in creating varied formal and visual languages. The artists invited to participate in this exhibition use simplified means of production, not to reduce the conditions and complexities of perception but to enhance the visual possibilities that come from such working conditions.

Each artist has been invited to submit a single work on paper as a platform that creates a synthesis between…

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